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Orange County California Family Law Criminal Restraining Orders

For many families and couples in Orange County, California, relationships are sensitive to time, situation, occurrence and circumstance. In most relationships there may be disagreements, arguments, fights, and challenges. Yet when these disagreements get out of hand and begin to undermine the positive and the good between a couple and in a family, restraining orders may be brought into the picture.

When considering California family law criminal restraining orders, it is important to analyze what specifically brought on the need for the restraining order in the first place. Regardless of the dynamics between a couple in California, a separation may be needed if thoughts of a restraining order are presented. Restraining orders simply make that separation imminent, permanent (for a time), and legally enforced. The need for family law intervention can develop for many reasons and they vary widely from case to case. Some couples seek out restraining orders due to violence, fights, a malicious intent, revenge, anger, and overall emotionally charged reasons. Overall, when seeking out family law criminal restraining orders in California, it is important to think deeply about the situation at hand and to understand how it has developed into what it is.

For many couples, separation is needed if violence enters the relationship. In this case, restraining orders are important and necessary. In other cases, restraining orders may be a means to exact revenge. Restraining orders should be viewed as a last resort, an option that is extreme and which will alter the dynamics of a relationship permanently. With this in mind, California family law criminal restraining orders are very serious and should be approached as such. They are not a means to exact revenge on a mate, to create false accusations and prevent one’s mate access to children. They are means to create safety and comfort within a family, to heal, and to protect. They are meant to help a family regain some sense of positivity and can be a step in the right direction. It is all too easy to abuse the legal system and what is most important to keep in mind are the effects that certain decisions have on children, families, and the overall mental and emotional wellbeing of a family as a whole. The legal system is meant to protect and aide in the wellbeing of a person or family. It is up to the individual to decide how they will handle their family, their children, and how they will find a means to seek peace and harmony in their lives.

It is important to remember that conflicts in a family may need intervention from the outside and California family law criminal restraining orders may be necessary. Likewise, conflicts in a family may be resolved without external interference with some introspective thought and an awareness of how the family can best heal from challenges. When possible, it is always a good idea to analyze the situation from the outside looking in at everything that has happened, and to try to remove as much emotionality as possible. Then one may make a decision that is healthy and proper for everyone in the family, especially children, who are ultimately at the mercy of their parents’ decisions.

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