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Uncontested divorces increase: Flat fee divorces are increasing, its cheaper, faster, and affordable.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Our firm has seen an increase in our Flat-Fee Uncontested Divorces. In this economy, clients want, cheap, affordable, fast, and hassle free divorces. It is for that reason, that our firms offers Flat-Fee Divorces for individuals who live in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

Our Flat-Fees start as low as $1,500. All our cases are handled by one of our experienced attorneys. As trial attorneys, we have the knowledge and experience to give our clients and their spouses sound legal advise. In most cases, this can help avoid costly attorney fees and needles litigation.

Therefore, when spouses can reach an agreement our firm can help them finalize their divorce at an affordable rate. Our Flat-Fee rates cover all of the attorney time spent on the case including preparing the legal documents, drafting final judgments, and advising our clients regarding legal issues.

We do all the work for an affordable price. For more information and a free consultation with one of our attorneys contact us at info@dieferlaw.com or 800-589-9901.

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