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Fast and affordable divorces for San Bernardino County

Monday, November 17th, 2008

No one can blame divorcing couples in San Bernardino who are looking for fast and affordable divorces. In these times of economic hardships, the last place where individuals want to spend money is divorcing a spouse. As such, it makes sense that couples find alternatives to an expensive and drawn out divorce.

Hiring an attorney to protect your rights does not have to be expensive. In fact, our firms has handled hundreds of inexpensive divorces. Several of the options we offer clients include, mediation, uncontested cases, flat fee cases, and other creative and new methods of representation to keep fees down.

Our Firm understands that a divorce does not need to be contested or expensive and we can use our litigation and trial experience for the benefit of our clients in an effort to settle cases.

For more information on an affordable and fast divorce, please contact one of our attorneys at 800-589-9901 or info@dieferlaw.com.

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